major_beefcake's Journal

I initially believe I was on secondment to the USS Murgatroid as security officer from the planet England. After meeting the crew, my own people decided to send me deep undercover?

I have recently become aware that all of this is an elaborate creation of an identity. Commander Qaren used up a small amount of her limited residual Q powers to give me sentience and mobility as a self-generating hologram. Being a hologram has it's advantages I have found out, I am impervious to physical attacks (although most vulnerable to those of the erotic variety) and only vulnerable to some energy and computer based attacks.

I am a member of the Murgatroid's Security contingent and am infamous as the only red-shirt to consistently survive away team details. Although I still "reports" directly to Commander Qaren and have a variety of duties, amongst them are flexing my pecs at every available opportunity and trying to avoid Captain Jellico...
panties, panties lieutenant uhuru, panties!